Dress The Part.

Each and everyday we all get up in the morning and dress ourselves for work or for school. We dress ourselves when we go out to the mall or to social events. Do we ever stop to think about what we’re putting on? Or what kind of clothes we buy from the store? If we really stopped and thought about it, we would realize that each of us has our own unique identity when it comes to the clothes that we wear. For example, if you wear a snap-back and boots everywhere you go then your friends and family will be able to easily recognize you even from a distance because that is a part of your identity.

How you dress is a reflection of yourself and how you feel in that particular moment that you started dressing yourself. We should all wear what we feel comfortable in and what we think makes us look good. However, the reality is that our dress code is influenced by others because we’re afraid of being judged or afraid of being singled out.

The gentleman doesn’t care who is judging him nor does he care if he is singled out. Because like I stated in my previous post, “What does being a gentleman really mean?”, the gentleman is confident himself and has an extremely high self-esteem. With that being said, the clothes that you wear can also make you feel confident in yourself even if you aren’t. Let’s say you’re preparing for a job interview. You aren’t very confident in yourself and your nerves start to kick in. A million negative thoughts begin to swim around in your brain and all this while you’re sitting up on your bed having just turned off your alarm clock. Sure, there’s quite a few tips and tricks out there that explain how to mentally prepare for an interview and some of them are pretty good. However, putting on a perfect fit suit, wearing a classy looking watch, and slapping on some cuff-links for good measure, can exponentially increase your self-confidence and positively affect the way others will perceive you.

Personally, I like wearing suits because it gives off and aura of being confident and powerful while looking classy and sophisticated. Accessories that compliment your outfit are also important such as watches, ties, shoes, and even cuff-links.

All in all, how we dress is very important. Not just for the way others see us, but how we see ourselves. Regardless of what you wear; the most important thing to remember is to dress in something that you feel looks good on you and what makes you feel comfortable.

The way you dress is your identity. Own it.



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