Proper manners and Etiquette of a Gentleman.

The topic of proper manners and etiquette, for the most part, is a pretty complex subject. For instance, how do we know what is acceptable behavior? who decides what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t? Of course, we have Laws that govern certain behaviors and punishments for behaving in ways that go against the laws of the land. However, what about unsavory behaviors that are not against the law? How do we draw the line as human beings living in society?

A very popular saying comes to mind “Do unto those as you would have them do unto you” For those of you who don’t know what that means, it simply says that you should treat others the same way that you would like to be treated by them. For example, if you would like people to speak to you in a respectful tone, you wouldn’t speak to others condescendingly or disrespectfully.

Another reason why this is such a complex subject, is that everyone is different. Behavior that seems acceptable to you may not be acceptable to someone else. For example, if you, as a man, view walking around shirtless as OK, others may not share your view I.E women. There is a general consensus that everybody shares as being proper behavior or “Common courtesy”.

Gentlemen are masters of proper manners and etiquette. They apply courtesy practices that were developed 100’s of years ago that are still appreciated today although it’s rare to witness. Things such as letting someone go first through a door, controlling their tempers and emotions throughout the day, saying “please” “Thank” and “excuse me”, always letting a lady walk in-front of them, etc,etc. These are just some of the aspects of behavior that gentleman portray in their daily lives. But why is it important to have proper manners and etiquette in society? There are many reasons, one of which is to avoid unnecessary negative social interactions such as getting into a verbal or even physical altercations which would ruin both party’s day. Besides trying to avoid negative social interaction, using proper etiquette and manners could really make someone’s day. For example, if you give up your seat on a train to let a pregnant woman sit down, she would feel really good about herself and so would you. Most of the time being a well mannered man is for your own benefit. Doing something nice for someone, even if it’s just a little nice, could make you feel great about yourself and raise your confidence up a few bars too.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that you should be nice to everyone. All i’m saying is show people your values even if not everybody appreciates it. It’s all about you and how you feel. Be better than the petty guy. Be a Gentleman.


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