Controlling Emotion

Emotions can make life rather complicated, however they can also be powerful tools for us if directed in the right way. Every human being is capable of having emotions. It can be said that we have different degrees of how we feel emotion. Some people are extremely sensitive while others feel very little emotion. But just because you’re a sensitive person doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t grab control of your emotions.

As men, we are expected to control our emotions, yet there are so many of us that feel much more than other men and even some women. Does that mean that we are less of a man? Of course not! It means that we are sensitive and there is nothing wrong with us. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter how sensitive you are; you can still control your emotions.

What is the importance of being able to control your emotions? How does it benefit you? Emotions are a powerful tool if utilized correctly. Powerful emotions can drive you to action, push you to succeed and even give you vast amounts of strength you never knew that you had. On the flip side of the coin however, emotions can ultimately destroy your life, relationships, and your reputation.

So how does a gentleman control his emotions? There are many methods out there that could be used to control your emotions. When you are angry you want to lose control and do and say things that you may regret later. Controlling anger isn’t easy especially if you have anger issues. The best way to keep your anger under control is to take a deep breath and not say anything. Keep your face stiff and start to think about the consequences in that moment rather than regretting it after you lash out. When someone we love hurts us we become so emotional that we sometimes do things to hurt ourselves without thinking about the ramifications of the actions we’re about to take. A gentleman must always put things into perspective no matter how much he is feeling in that moment. Once you put things into perspective, everything that you are feeling becomes manageable.

The key to controlling your emotions is to think. Think before you act and think before you speak. There are always consequences for acting out emotionally. Just because you’re emotional doesn’t mean that people are going to give you a free pass to do say and say whatever you want.

We’re all human and it’s difficult to control our emotions sometimes. We don’t have to be in control all the time, but as long as we’re conscious of it we will eventually be able to master our emotions and, more importantly, master ourselves.


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