What does a Gentleman do in his free time?

Lifestyles are how we live our lives each and everyday. Every single person is living a lifestyle and each lifestyle is unique. Whether you spend most of your days playing extreme sports or spend most of your life playing video games, it’s all a lifestyle. We hear about healthy and unhealthy lifestyles on a daily basis. It is, however, much more desirable to live a healthy lifestyle than an unhealthy one, simply because a healthy lifestyle helps you live longer, makes you happier, and gives you overall more confidence.

A gentleman lives a healthy lifestyle, but what does a healthy lifestyle entail? A healthy life style consists of eating healthy food that raises your energy and helps your body function instead of damaging it. One must also consider fitting in sufficient social interaction into their life style, because no matter how introverted you are, we as human beings have a base need to be social even if it’s just for a short time. Sports and exercise is also included into a healthy life style. Most of us work for a certain amount of hours during the week. Work is incorporated into our lifestyle. What we do in the hours we are not working is called our free time. So what does a gentleman do in his free-time?

The gentleman practices a healthy lifestyle and therefore will spend some of his free time in the gym for a certain amount of hours per day. He will also take part in a sport. Whether is be an extreme sport such as skydiving, or a kickboxing class, or even golf, the gentleman needs to be physically active. Everyone is different and that goes for gentleman as well. Not all gentleman are the same. Some men prefer the outdoors, while others prefer dinner at a fancy restaurant. However, what all gentleman share is the need for a healthy lifestyle. It is highly unlikely that you would find a gentleman sitting on a couch munching on potato chips for hours on end.

Being healthy and active is also very helpful for your love life, whether you’re in a relationship or simply looking for love. We will cover the gentleman’s love life in another post. Being active and healthy can also help you deal with emotions which is very important to your mental well being. See my previous post Controlling Emotion.

Whatever your lifestyle is right now, and whether or not you’re a gentleman, aiming toward a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for everyone and very important for a living a long and healthy life. If you wish to get the most out of life then practice a healthy lifestyle.


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